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High website uptime is essential for better SEO, which increases visibility to potential customers and enhances a brand's reliability. It is also crucial for businesses, as low uptime can lead to lost traffic, revenue, and customers.

If the website is down for a short term, it can result in a loss of revenue and customers, damaging the site's reliability and SEO status in the long run.

SiteHawk uses a procedure called GET, through which it monitors your websites. SiteHawk sends an access request and waits 60 seconds for a response. If your website does not respond within the time, your website is down.

Browsers connect to SSL-secured sites by requesting the server's unique identity and verifying it with its SSL certificate. A valid SSL certificate means the browser and server share data via a secured encrypted session.

SSL encrypts the data that users and websites or two systems share so that hackers cannot read or decode it if they try to intercept it during the transmission. It applies encryption algorithms to data at the time of transmission, making it unreadable to anyone who tries to access it during the transfer.

You will receive notification three months before your expiration date and follow up in a month, 15 days, and five days. Then, you'll get alerts each day until the expiration date.

To find keywords for SEO, brainstorm relevant terms, utilise keyword research tools, analyse competitor's keywords, understand search intent, and prioritise relevance and search volume.

The number of keywords to track for SEO varies based on factors like website size, industry competition, target audience, goals, and resources available. While starting, you can monitor approximately 10-20 keywords per page, giving you an idea of how your website is performing. The more keywords you get to track, the more you can improve your website performance; check up to 250 keywords and your ranking for it in different countries with SiteHawk.

We give you insights into how your website and competitors' websites are doing on search engine results pages for the targeted keywords, providing you with a reference point for further research.

After you select your plan, you'll land on the onboarding section. Enter payment details with your card information and billing address. You can find it saved in your profile.

All your transactions are secure because we use Stripe to process credit card payments.

First, log in to your account and select the invoice tab. You'll see a detailed list of your invoices. Choose the one you're looking for and click download.

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