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Why SiteHawk?

SiteHawk immediately notifies you when anything goes wrong with your website, taking away the hassle of checking manually.

Real-time Status

Displays real-time data to keep you up-to-date, making it easier to track the status over time.

Email Notifications

Provides an immediate email alert regarding your website’s downtime and SSL expiration.

60 Seconds Check Interval

Checks your website’s status every 60 seconds and notifies you if anything goes wrong.

Data Visualization

Uses charts, graphs, and other visual aids to help users understand and interpret data easily.

Flexible Pricing

Offers a wide range of pricing options to accommodate your budget and requirements.

Secure Transaction

Ensures a secure transaction of your data by using Stripe as a payment processor.

Uptime Monitoring

If you don't stay on top of your website's maintenance, it won't be ready to serve its purpose. That's where uptime monitoring comes in: we watch your website so that if anything goes wrong—from a server crash to a simple code error—we'll let you know immediately.

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Improves SEO

When a user searches for any information, the SEO determines the order of websites based on their uptime. So, higher uptime means more exposure to users and potential customers.

Reliability and Availability

If a user is looking for a service you provide and your website is down, they'll not be able to access it. It will cause a loss of revenue and traffic. Thus, making users less inclined to your service.

Improve Business

Uptime monitoring alerts businesses when their websites go down. It helps them quickly identify and resolve issues, reducing overall maintenance costs and ensuring smooth operations.

Start monitoring your website with SiteHawk!

  • Checks up to 10 pages/links.
  • Monitors your website every 60 seconds.
  • Instant Downtime Notifications

SSL Monitoring

Digital safety is a priority for everyone today. So, ensure your website's security with SSL monitoring. It keeps an eye on your website's communication channels and alerts you of any potential vulnerabilities.

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    SSL certificate encrypts communication between a website and a user's web browser, preventing third parties from intercepting it.

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    It provides a level of assurance to users that a website is legitimate and can be trusted.

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    SSL monitoring can help prevent phishing attacks by alerting website administrators of unauthorized SSL certificates on their domains.

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We check and notify, so you don't have to!

Be the first person to know about your website's activity. Get email notifications when your site is down, or the SSL certificate is about to expire.

Site Hawk Features

SEO Keyword Monitoring

With keyword tracking, you can effortlessly monitor keyword performance, analyze search engine results pages, and generate insightful reports from multiple locations.

Keyword Monitoring

Keyword Monitoring

Track the performance of specific keywords or keyword phrases across search engines and monitor their ranking positions over time in particular locations per your preferences.
SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Analysis

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Analysis

Analyze the search engine results pages for targeted keywords to understand the competition's strategies and optimize your content accordingly.
Historical Data Tracking

Historical Data Tracking

Access historical data to track the performance of keywords and analyze trends and patterns over time, optimizing your keyword performances.

How SiteHawk works?

Our process is simple and straightforward, requiring minimal time and effort on your end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

High website uptime is essential for better SEO, which increases visibility to potential customers and enhances a brand's reliability. It is also crucial for businesses, as low uptime can lead to lost traffic, revenue, and customers.

If the website is down for short term, it can result in a loss of revenue and customers which in turn, damages the website's reliability and SEO status in the long term.

SiteHawk uses a procedure called GET, through which it monitors your websites. Here, an access request is sent by SiteHawk, and it waits 60 seconds for it to respond. If your website does not respond within the time, SiteHawk reports the website as down.

Websites need SSL certificates to demonstrate legitimacy and trustworthiness. If a website does not have a valid SSL certificate, most web browsers will display a warning message.

Browsers connect to SSL-secured sites by requesting the server's unique identity and verifying it with its SSL certificate. If the certificate is valid, data is shared via a secure encrypted session between the browser and the server.

You will be notified 3 months before your expiration date and followed up in a month, 15 days, and 5 days. Then, you'll be notified each day until the expiration date.

To find keywords for SEO, brainstorm relevant terms, utilize keyword research tools, analyze competitor’s keywords, understand search intent, and prioritize relevance and search volume.

The number of keywords to track for SEO varies, based on factors like website size, industry competition, target audience, goals, and resources available. While starting off, you can monitor approximately 10-20 keywords per page, so that you have a proper idea of how your website is performing. The more keywords you get to track, the more you can improve your website performance; check up to 250 keywords and your ranking for it in different countries with SiteHawk.

We provide users with insights into how their website is performing on search engine results pages and how their competitors are ranking for the same keywords so that you can take a reference from them.

After you select your plan, you'll land on the onboarding section. Enter payment details with your card information and billing address. It will now be saved in your profile.

Yes, the transaction is secure as we use Stripe to process credit card payments.

First, log in to your account, and select the invoice tab. You'll see a detailed list of your invoices. Choose the one you're looking for and click download.

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